Korean Malaysian Marriage Re-registration in Malaysia

I wrote a post about being officially married in Korea, next, me and hubby flew to Malaysia and done our marriage re-registration, as well as to apply for my Korean spouse visa.

Unlike the normal procedure of registering the marriage in Malaysia first, re-registration of a foreign marriage in Malaysia is much more easier, as long as all documents are ready.

So, according to their website…

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That complicated list… Anyhoo, here’s the summarized required documents:

  1. Completed Original Form JPN.KC06 (get from JPN Putrajaya, Marriage and Divorce section [M&D])
  2. ORIGINAL MyKad (Malaysian citizen)
  3. Passports (Original and Photocopy) of both you and your other half’s personal detail page & the date/period of entry to Korea when your foreign marriage was registered
  4. One (1) color passport-sized photograph for both you and your spouse, any background color
  5. Foreign marriage certificate (ORIGINAL and photocopy)
  6. Birth Certificate for non-citizen (ORIGINAL and photocopy)
    *Koreans do not have birth certificate, prepare their 가족관계증명서, 기본증명서 ensure it includes your spouse’s details as well as the parents’ names and most importantly, the updated version with your name as the spouse. 

Documents MUST be in English or Bahasa Malaysia, otherwise translate it and include the name, signature and contact of the translator.

My hubby did all the translation from Korean to English on his own and get the Korean embassy in Malaysia to authorized it. Full story is at the bottom of this post. 

We had our translated marriage cert stamped by Foreign Affairs because the so-called “translator” whom tried to rip us off said its a must.
*JPN counter staff said it’s not necessary to get the stamp if the documents are translated in Malaysia. Please correct me if my info is wrong.

And one last thing, you will need someone qualified to read a part of the form to your other half and get it sign & stamped by the Commission of Oath.

For that service, head to the waiting hall in the Commission of Oath at Ground Floor and look for Ms. Lee, the translator we used. She’ll be sitting at the end of the waiting room, beside the number machine. She’ll be there from 9 or 9.30am and her charges was RM80, which is reasonable.

Ms Lee will also check and inform if your documents are complete. If you need her number, just drop me an email through the contact form! Do check with her first because i heard she doesn’t go there everyday?

If you see a guy standing infront of the M&D section calling himself a “translator”, beware. We were almost ripped off, he quoted us RM200.

Assuming you have everything ready, including getting your JPN.KC06 form read to your foreign spouse & stamped by the Commission of Oath,

  1. Head to JPN Putrajaya, Marriage and Divorce section, take a number & wait for your number to be called.
  2. Hand the documents to the counter staff.
  3. Sit & wait for your name to be called to collect the Marriage cert, pay RM20. Check the details!

For our case, we had to travel back and forth from the Korean embassy and JPN. We went back to JPN around 4.30pm after fixing all the document errors, and managed to get our certs within 20 minutes at most. No more hoomans at that hour.

So congratz! You’re now officially married in Malaysia too! Easy huh? Just ensure all your documents are ready and it will be THAT easy!

And, here’s the story…

We called the Korean embassy in Malaysia and they said they provide translation service, and guess what? They just get us to fill up some superbly summarized forms for marriage certificate, birth certificates etc. We thought it will be acceptable since it’s from the embassy, but we were wrong.

Ms. Lee, the translator at JPN told us that the counter will most likely not accept it due to the lack of so many details, such as marriage registration date in Korea, etc, and it depends on the Commission of Oath if he were to sign, and luckily, he signed. But what about JPN counter?

Turned out that JPN indeed rejected our documents as the “translated version” is lack of details especially marriage registration date. Hubby called the Korean embassy & told them the whole story, and they told him to translate on his own & bring it to the embassy for authorization.

Nevertheless, we were glad that we are able to get the marriage cert on the day itself, despite all the mess..

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Korean Malaysian Marriage Registration in Korea

I think I was gone for quite some time, and I brought back some good news, I’m legally married in Korea, as well as in Malaysia!

Thanks to my dear hubby doing all the work (felt sorry even more), though there were some hassle, but everything had went well & pretty much smooth. We chose to register our marriage in Korea first before flying home to Malaysia to register for the Malaysian side, and couldn’t find much detailed procedures about it online.

Firstly, you will need to get the Certificate of Marriage Status (Single Status Cert) from JPN Putrajaya, you can visit this blog post instead as the procedure is same except that it’s NOT NECESSARY to get it notarized by the Malaysia embassy in Korea.

And as for the translation of the cert, my hubby just did the translation & we submitted all documents to the gu office.

-Documents needed for submission in JPN Putrajaya:
1. Your MyKad (or ID card)
2. Your other half’s passport detail (photocopy the detail page)

Check the details of the cert upon receiving it!


-Documents needed for the gu office to officially register your marriage in Korea:
1. Your passport (bring a copy of your passport)
2. Your other half’s ID card
3. Marriage Status Cert original & translated version
4. Marriage application form 혼인신고서, available in the gu office

p/s: You won’t need any witnesses for the registration. But Koreans should get their parents to stamp on the application form. 


What happens next? Wait for 3 days and congratulations! You’re officially married in Korea & you can find your name in your husband’s family registry (가족관계증명서)!


*In the mean time, you might want to apply for the Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC) online as some people said it may take some time, however, please note that the CGC only valid for 3 months. My CGC was done in 2 weeks and I opt for them to send by post.

CGC is for F-6 visa application.

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