Experiencing human traffic abroad


Most people in Korea takes public transport especially subway. I’m not so sure about prices of cars, but I can definitely say that to refill petrol in Korea is like pumping money into your car like water. It’s so expensive!

Anyhow, taking public transport during peak hours is indeed a pain in the neck, imagine almost 50% or more of the population in Seoul fighting their way through crazy pack stations, trains and buses. What more to say when Korean’s “people-pushing” etiquette is awfully irritating. What I experienced was being pushed from behind at subway stations, without a word, no excuse me, no sorry. Not once, but twice, young or old, it’s a habit of them. Deep down I’m thinking, looking at how the pack was, pushing wouldn’t bring you anywhere either don’t you think?

As a visitor, we want to avoid such hours but who knows we might bumped into such madness once a while, and here’s what it looks like being stuck in a human way of jam at a subway station. Good luck squeezing through!

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