Old faithful town of Malacca

It was way past dawn with the sun tangling up high on a beautiful Sunday morning. Yet, I wasn’t woken up by the sunlight since I slept with a pillow covering my face. I was instead woken up by my overly excited mood. Once again, feeling refreshed from a cozy sleep after a crazy long night walk in search of a place that we do not know. Not even a name of the place, nor any picture of it. Though, described by one of my friend, that special place was a building located beside the lake. Thus, we took a drive along the lakeside under the dark sky, hoping it to appear by luck or magically. But it wasn’t found anyhow. Until this day, it still keeps me wondering what were we trying to find?

Bestie looking at the awesome view outside while I tried something new.

My bestie made us a cup of Nescafe. Note to you that I don’t usually drink coffee because it could make me go hyperactive or insomnia in the night. Nevertheless, whenever I passed by a café or a coffee shop, the sweet yet bitter aroma always does the tempting, though never succeeds unless I’m on a trip or holiday. Where’s the fun when you don’t even get to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee (or a pack of instant coffee)?



While we still have some time to spare before moving out of the hotel, rather than wasting my time rolling lazily on the bed, I took out my faithful old laptop and started typing. Little did we know that it’s already time to check out. Moving our luggage into the car, we began our journey in Jonker Walk by searching for brunch in this busy town.

The sun was glaring fiercely and merciless from atop, what worried me was I did not apply any sun lotion on my body. It’s not because I’m afraid of getting tanned, rather, I’m more afraid that my tattoo will fade out when I get back home. Too late to be worrying, we were already halfway through walking by lots of tourists and shops.

Puzzled through countless narrow asphalt alleyways.

Anyway, I tried to let it cross my mind so it wouldn’t interfere with our trip. Stopping in front of a restaurant, we decided to have some food to fill our practically empty stomach. Moments later after finishing our food, we started exploring this little city on foot, walking by shops neatly lined along both sides of the streets, puzzling through countless narrow asphalt alleyways.




Taking in too much of the afternoon sun and our feet started to feel tired. Along the way, we grabbed couple of cups of Limau Ais (Lime juice with ice) and came across with a bicycle rental shop and rented 2 bikes where my bestie became a passenger, carried by the other friend of mine. It cost around RM3 per hour, rather cheap. Hopping onto a rusted red bike, I tried to balance myself not to fall off while cycling around this busy city. It’s not that I don’t know how to ride a bike, it’s just because I haven’t been riding it for a short while already.



The Mamee Hotel.

Touring this town on a bicycle was my first experience. Biking from Jonker Walk to the Maritime Museum of Malacca showcasing the inner deck of what is said to be a replica of a Portuguese ship Flora de Lamar which sunk in the coast of Malacca while on its way to Portugal. Lastly not to be missed, the Taming Sari tower where it ascends up to 80 meters above sea level that get an awesome panoramic view of Malacca.

“Alright bestie, I’m coming.”


Replica of Flora de Lamar.



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A short getaway in Malacca – Part 1

After few months of posts about Seoul, I’ll finally be dropping a post about a place in my home country, Malacca.

Eventually it grew into an important port between trading ships.

Malacca is located south east of Kuala Lumpur, founded by Parameswara around year 1400, at the Straits of Malacca which was accessible throughout the year. Eventually it grew into an important port between trading ships that became the main reason triggering wars between the Portugis, Dutch and British.

Last month, me and 2 of my friends decided to head down to Malacca after work on Saturday and we started our journey by car at 6.40pm, it was a smooth journey, no traffic jams nor any bad weather. Approximately 2 hours later, we arrived and check in at Hallmark Inn Hotel. It was a little hard to find the hotel, trusted Waze but it seems to bring us to no where.

A couple of rounds at that area, with growling stomach eagerly waiting for food, we made a call to the hotel and was told that it’s at Jalan Bungaraya Pantai, right in front after AIA building on your left. Gosh I really hate Waze.

Anyway, for a mere USD 21 room, it’s pretty comfy and the ambiance was not too bad, most importantly the bathroom, at least it doesn’t makes me feels like running away and I can do my business comfortably. Toiletries were complete, even came with a toothbrush and toothpaste! Oh, did I mention it has bidet as well?





Unloaded our bags, we went out to hunt for food, it’s already 10pm and yet we have not taken anything. Feeling tormented. There were so many local cuisines in this small town, especially Nyonya food. Not too long later, ok, I admit it took us way too long to realized that the place we were looking for, the UNKNOWN place, was nowhere to be found.

The only shot I took right after we came out from the hotel, but it’s blurry…

Ended up walking blindly for a whole 3 hours, my feet starting to sore, my stomach no longer feels hungry and I was sweating profusely from all those walking. Physically and mentally exhausted, how I wish that I’m back at the hotel at that very moment. Finally we found a bunch of tricycles and decided to hire them for a price of RM30, 2 seaters. I just couldn’t continue walking anymore.

Anyway, you’ve got to love these tricycles nowadays, decorated with Hello Kitty plushie at the front, while at the back, there’s a set of huge speakers and started to blast crazy songs while you ride on it. Seriously, I felt a little embarrassed. I’m not a fan of Hello Kitties, nor I like loud noises, moreover it’s already 1am in the midnight! I kept thinking someone from upstairs shouting and pouring water onto us. Definitely wanted to find a place to hide myself.

Without any side mirror, road crossing was way too dangerous in my opinion. Without looking at the traffics, they crossed and expect the car drivers to avoid them. It nearly gave me an heart attack.

Half an hour later we managed to make it back to the hotel, and drove out for our dinner at 2am. Crazy right? Without thinking much, me and my bestie ordered Bak Kut Teh to warm our poor little stomach. Broiled with different kinds of herbs, added in with some pork, mushrooms and veges and ready to be served. The soup wasn’t that good at first, but after every sip, it makes you want to have more. Too hungry? I guess I am. The taste was light but the fragrance of the herbs were overwhelming, filling my taste buds in a matter of seconds while the warm soup makes me feel refreshed and energized, indeed what I need after that long long long walk.


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Day trip to Sepang Gold Coast Resort.

My boss (ex boss now) were able to get access to the -very expensive- Sepang Gold Coast Resort, so me and few of our fellow colleagues joined the trip and went visiting the place!


sepang 1

Long stretch of beach huts along the way. Was really hot that day as you can see… You will come across a swimming pool too! Felt like taking a dip in the pool!


The view from the pool was amazing! You could enjoy the sea view if you want to take a break from swimming. Sitting under the sun lounge, having a cup of ice-cold drink with your sunglasses on, makes it feels like Hawaii?

Of course not to forgot about the view from the rooms! It was awesome too! Can’t imagine if you were to watch the sunrise & sunsets from the room.

room view





bedThis resort is very suitable for couples especially newly-wed  couples and those who  loves the sea view! Couples can enjoy the beautiful sunrise together, take a stroll  around the  huts hand in hand and take a dive in the pool. After sunset,  they could  enjoy the breeze in the balcony and star-gazing  during the night, I believe the sky will  be filled with stars and  the view will be lovely!

Hope I could come here again someday…. Updated a few pictures taken by my colleague in Dec 2013.



If you are interested in this resort, do kindly drop by at their website at:



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