Escape Seoul: Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch

I bet my friends get annoyed since I kept saying I wanted to go to Daegwallyeong but ended up didn’t went. When they told me they wanted to bring me to there, I’m seriously exploding from happiness inside me. I’ve been eagerly-dying to visit this place ever since 2014. The reason is because, see picture below.


Pretty view right? I was hooked by the beauty of this place. I wish I could add some emoticons here to show how much I was in love with it. Daegwallyeong is not an unfamiliar name to Koreans, but its not well known to tourists, though the numbers are slightly increasing lately.

I think it has the best view during summer and winter. In summer, you get to see scenery like the one above, green lush trees and healthy grasses. While in winter, it’d be a mountain of snow, giving it a dramatic feel. Wanna see how winter looks like? I’ll put a video at the end of this page here.

Of course, I’m so anticipating to see that greenish fields and mountain views and definitely expecting a hot sunny day since it was summer right now (July). I even wore shorts! However, as we drove up the hill, fog started to be seen everywhere, and when we were nearly at the top, its so thick that we can barely see the road. I got depressed. We came all the way here and we get to see nothing?

On the way to the mountain top
Thick fog while on the way up

We came after our trip from Gangneung (blogging it soon), so it takes roughly only an hour drive. The weather was obviously cold that day, remember I wore shorts? I was lucky that I brought a windbreaker with me, or else I wouldn’t be able to walk any further.


Entrance to sheep ranch
Entrance to sheep ranch

That depressing view.

We actually refused to go inside when we reached the entrance. I have to clarify a little that we were on a tight budget, and the entrance fee was 4,000 won per person. Since the fog was too thick that we can barely see anything, it’ll probably be a waste of money.



But I wasn’t willing to go off, I really wanted to go in (even though I might not see anything). We came all the way here, why not just have a short walk and take a breeze inside? Ok, I managed to persuade them while keeping my happiness hidden.

Paying 4,000 won each, we were told to keep the ticket. It has another use for it, you’ll know what it’s for soon. Remember to keep your ticket!

It was supposed to look like something you get to see in New Zealand. With sheeps running freely in the vast green fields, grazing the grass, or just lying lazily on the grass. From what I knew, sheeps are let out from April to October. Since it was too foggy, they were kept inside. Not happy.



But as we walk further into the ranch, my mood enlightens. Though the view was obscured by the fog, contrary, it actually made this peaceful place more mystically mysterious. It also helps me to get a good set of pictures. Thank you fog.



It wasn’t as bad as we thought. At least we don’t need to walk under the hot sun, or get ourselves sticky all over due to sweats. We treat it as a getaway from the hot weather in Seoul. We do liked it, and it was really a good and quiet place to be (during that day).

Walking along the sandy trails, we went at our own pace, of course I’m the one trying to catch up with them. The boys are having their own peaceful time walking together and chatting, while me, I’m just taking pictures over pictures, having them as a subject in my photos. Sorry guys~




See how well they fit into my pictures?

Oh, remember I told you guys to keep the entrance ticket? It’s for exchanging with a basket of hay to feed the sheeps!


I think they were so used to humans, the hungry ones will come straight to the front waiting to be fed. What a friendly bunch! See below. One of our friend is being ever so popular among the fluffy sheeps. I wonder if he’s popular among girls.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He even tried to bully a couple of them! Bad bad guy.

At first, I was kinda afraid they might bite me unintentionally, but phew! They did not. It feels like they have no teeth. Haha.. They pick up the hay with their lips to be more accurate. Their wool (or fur??) are thick, but surprisingly soft to touch.

The popular guy.. haha
The popular guy.. 




Since we went hiking the day before, thus my legs were basically breaking into pieces, but since I’m enjoying my time here, I actually forgot about the pain in my legs. Thinking about it now, it feels like magic. Cause it started hurting again right after we exited the ranch. Hmm..


The big babies..












Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch was indeed a very good place to take a quiet stroll (when it’s not crowded). If I could, I seriously didn’t want to leave this place. It has a strong force that makes you want to stay here longer. Definitely will come here again…

Since I went in one of my friend’s car, thus I can’t really give the exact information on how to go to this place. However, this is a link to TraverllerElf’s blog for detailed directions there. Hopefully the next time I go, it’d be by public transportation.

My friends asked me, what makes you smile so much here in Daegwallyeong? I didn’t know how to answer. It somewhat just makes me forget about everything, giving my mind peace and calmness. What do you say?

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Travelling to Petite France with only 25,000 won

I took a day off on Monday wondering should I get out of Seoul. Laziness was lurking all around me that made me barely wants to get out of bed. But, I’m glad that I beat my evil side and head out to Petite France for a short day trip. It’s been quite a while since I’ve wanted to come to this place, and finally!

Forecast said it might rain in Seoul, so I just want to escape the rain.

Probably because of my introverted character, I tend to be paranoid of losing my way around or talking to people, or miss the transportation. And lastly, I found out that coming to Petite France wasn’t that complicated as I expected it to.

Moreover, I have only 25,000 won in my wallet. Drop dead. I need an ATM, like real bad. But failed to find any. No choice but to move on with what I have.

Paranoia of getting lost.

Since I’m living in Yongsan area, I’ve decided to take ITX from Yongsan station (rather than the usual Cheongnyanni station), which costs me 800 won more per way. I should have just went to Cheongnyanni instead, since it’s cheaper.

I was kinda lost in Yongsan station like where to get the tickets. Fortunately they installed some ITX sign on the top and I just followed it. I bought the tickets (heading to Gapyeong) from the vending machine and waited for the 11am train to arrive. There are dozens of trains come and goes in Yongsan, just spot the ITX train and hop onto it. Check the time as well!

Upon arriving in Gapyeong, I was shocked by the number of people that exit the train. Holy crap! Will I be able to get the ticket back to Yongsan today?? Where do I stay if I’m stucked here? I can’t afford being stuck here as I need to work tomorrow. There goes ms. paranoia again. Afraid that it might run out of tickets, I hurriedly booked mine right after I passed the gates. Phew!

Since I’m short of cash, I chose to take the shuttle bus instead. I only know the taxi fees going to Nami Island is 3,000 won per trip, who knows how much it will cost for Petite France. I don’t want to risk any cents at this moment. Saw a queue right in front of Gapyeong tourist information centre, and yep, that’s the shuttle bus stop. Petite France is just the next stop after Nami Island.

Took this when I came back from Petite France, thus, no Qs…

Road to Petite France is too winding, bring something along if you have motion sickness.

There’s no way you will miss this sign when you arrived at the place! But I missed it. I searched for it when I’m heading out. Tee hee~


Anticipated a lot when I came down from the bus, after getting the ticket (8,000 won) from the counter, I started walking in slowly and my camera ready!

The weather that day was sizzling hot. Sizzling? Yep! It’s no joke, since I’m there at around 2pm. I’m glad I applied some erm… expired sun lotion before heading out. Especially on my tattoo!

First thing that caught my sight, it was breathtakingly beautiful. It’s not the buildings, rather it’s the nature itself. That view is enough to make you forgot how hot the weather was. Green hills, blue skies, peaceful lake… It looks so much like a sight that you might only find in New Zealand! If you omit the fact that you’re in Korea, you might really think that you’re in a suburb french village with a stunning river-hill kind of scenery.

How can you deny its beauty?

I begin exploring the village, walking through alleys, climbing stairs, taking shelters in shades that I can find. Of course, taking pictures with 3 gadgets of mine. More than a hands full.

Being submerged in my photographing mode, I climbed another stairs in order to search for more places to walk. Huh? Isn’t this the place I came by moments ago?? Oh yes, I came here moments ago indeed. Only to realized that I’m done exploring this village.

Maybe there’s a reason why they named it Petite France. This place is indeed petite compared to how it looks on TV (wonder how did they make it looks so massive in movies). I only spent an hour more to finish my expedition in this whole “village”! You can imagine how small it is…

This is basically 85% of the village itself.

Fine. But my train ticket heading back to Seoul was 6.28pm! How am I supposed to spend my 2 hours here? I don’t even have enough money to buy a Nami Island entrance ticket. No other options but to wait.

I sat in the shade and observing the visitors, couples, couples, and more couples (with selca-bong)! Oh, and there’s this one guy who plays the accordion real good. He doesn’t play long, maybe 15 minute or more, but he definitely kept me entertained during the wait.

I planned to catch the shuttle bus back to Gapyeong at 4.20pm. Waited and waited, it doesn’t come. My fear of not being able to catch the train kept growing. 4.30pm… 4.45pm… 4.50pm finally! The shuttle bus came! There goes ms paranoia again. You don’t need to buy the ticket again, just show the driver the ticket you’ve bought when you first board the shuttle bus.

So my thought about Petite France?

It’s a peceful place to spend your time at, but you’ll have to travel out of Seoul, rather tiring. I’ll come here again only if I’m going to Nami Island or other places around Gapyeong, but not visitng Petite France on it’s own.

My recommendation: Nami Island > Petite France > Garden of morning calm (depends on time)



Is it just me or does this clown looks scary….

And here’s my selfie!

Expenses breakdown:

Transportation (ITX) – Yongsan to Gapyeong 4,800 won (Bought with credit card)
Transportation (ITX) – Gapyeong to Yongsan 4,800 won (Bought with credit card)
Shuttle Bus 6,000 won for a day’s ride
Petite France entrance fees 8,000 won
Water 1,000 won
TOTAL 24,600 won
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What winter looks like in Korea?

I tend to get lots of queries about autumn in Korea, and indeed Korea’s autumn is really beautiful. I can never deny that fact. But do you know that Korea is also beautiful during the winter? Except the fact that snow get stuck on your shoes and icy winds blowing harshly at you.

I used to think that winter is filled with snow everywhere (thank you K-dramas), until I personally visit Korea and found out it’s not quite true! Depending on two factors if it piled or not, one will be if it snowed heavy, another will be if the snow stays and doesn’t melt.

When we were there, it didn’t snow a lot in the city, thus, there won’t be any white cold looking Seoul in the pictures here. Though it snowed densely when we were at Nami Island. Cough cough, it was planned.

Pardon me, I’m fascinated by the shape of snow flakes.

Born and grew up in a tropical country, I’ve always wondered how it’s like in countries with four seasons, I’ve seen red crimson maple leaves on my first Korea trip, and it left me with unforgettable memories. But what winter’s like? How it feels to touch the snow or when it lands on my face, is it cold? How does it feel like? Is it soft?

We were supposed to head to Ski resort until we aren’t able to catch the bus. So, we planned to take a walk around DDP while waiting for the snow to fall. It was cloudy enough for a rain to fall when I suddenly spotted some flakes in the air as we turn around looking for some food. Can I assure you that the weather forecast is damn accurate?

That was my first encounter with snow. It felt as light as a feather, as cold as ice on my face (ok it IS ice), on my nose, in my mouth!! We were extremely excited. Though it is not dense enough to pile the ground with any snow.


My niece was hyped up instantly, also influenced by Disney movie “Frozen”. She was happily enough to run in rounds, endlessly. Chasing snow flakes after snow flakes, just anywhere she could run, not even afraid of getting lost.

A sudden snow fall in Sinchon. Look at my niece!

Me, my sister, and my mom basically stood in the open in front of Doota mall, like some crazy women, and take cover inside when it was too freezing to even bare the cold for another second.

Yes, that was our very first winter experience.

What’s worse, my winter coat has a hole at the pocket and I had to get myself a new one there.. Fortunately, it wasn’t that expensive, only costs 20,000 won (The one I’m wearing in my header image). Quite a good bargain for a winter coat, and light weighted too. Hmm!



It wasn’t that freezing cold until the wind starts blowing, then it feels like knives piercing into your skin. Every exposed inch of it.

And though there is sunlight, but it only gives light, and no warmth. Somehow I cursed it during that very moment when I needed its warmth so badly.






Ice pond in Gyeongbok Palace..



Insadong in December 2015
Winter on December 2015



Watch out for icy paths too!
Watch out for icy paths too!

How is the winter at your place?

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What to pack for Korea trip – all 4 seasons

Coming from Malaysia, I can’t say I’m not excited to spend my days, or months, or even years in a 4 seasons country. And this is the very first time in my life to spend my time out of my own comfort zone, into the unknown foreign place of Seoul, Korea. For those who are unsure of what to wear, I have listed this out for you guys. Eastasy wrote a breakdown of what to wear from head to toe, you may want to read it as well!

So here’s basically what you might need during the summer (Late May ~ Sept).. Summer in Korea is unlike Malaysia. It’s not as hot as Malaysia, but the humidity here is the real pain in the neck. Sometimes, there’s no wind at all, and it gets extremely humid after rain.

  • T-shirts (take a few extras) – It’s summer and you’ll need it. You know why right?
  • Loose jeans
  • Shorts – more the better
  • Pajamas – best if you sleep naked!
  • Cap
  • Socks – bring extras if you wear everyday
  • Sports shoes, sandals (my size: 260, it’s like an extinction for me!) – Go to Shoopen for cheap & decent shoes varieties (and larger sizes too)!
  • Umbrella – Summer also means rain in Korea
  • Bikini (for beach lovers)
  • Sun lotion

Also, a heads up for big foots, size 260 and above is terribly tough to find. You could, but it cost a lot more and you’ll only be able to get it in certain places. So, bring an extra pair or 2 if you’re planning to stay long in Korea.

(*Update: You may find some in Shoopen)

For people who came from a tropical country like me, we tend to worry about what to wear on cold seasons as we have never experienced such temperatures back at home.

In addition, I’ve been getting quite some queries on what to wear during these season, thus, here’s a summary of what you will need to bring during Spring, Autumn and Winter. (I will be listing it according to the average temperature rather than the actual seasons themselves.)

Spring/Autumn – Apr~Early May/ Oct

Once it’s Spring season, the weather gets warm rather quickly, which is somehow slightly warmer than Autumn. Sometimes Autumn can be tricky, it gets warm in the afternoon and cold in the wee hours.

Outfit for Spring / early Autumn
  • Short sleeve shirt (in case weather gets too hot)
  • Thin / Medium thickness jacket, Wind breaker (for mid ~ late Aprearly ~ mid Oct) / Knitted sweater (early Aprlate Oct)
  • Long sleeve cotton shirt (4 ~ 5 pcs, you’ll wear them most of the days)
  • Sneakers / Sports shoes (Winter boots is NOT necessary during this period, though you might need on Mar & Nov)
  • Normal jeans
  • Wool leggings (2 pcs, if you prefer not to wear jeans)
  • Normal but not too thin socks
  • Gloves (when the wind is cold, especially after rain)
  • Moisturizer
  • Lotion to keep your skin from drying up & cracks
  • Lip balm
  • A thick jacket / sweater or a thin down jacket for late October
[2016] Early October. I feel cold due to rain in this outfit. Recommend a slightly thicker jacket & not so thin inner shirt will do the job for Early ~ Mid October.
Outfit for early Spring (mid ~ late March / end Oct)

Winter – Nov ~ Mar

Winter can be harsh in Korea, as in it’s really dry and some days, really cold. And the wind is what making walking outside unbearable. You will be fine when the wind is absent, but you’ll be running indoors a lot if you don’t get dressed well when wind blows! Skip to (almost) end for the kind of coat you will need.


  • Thick knitted sweater
  • Thick winter coat (you can get cheap & decent ones from Namdaemun market)
  • Wool / fleece lined long sleeve shirt (4 ~ 5 pcs, you’ll wear them every single day) – Find cheap & decent ones from Topten outlets
  • Wool scarf (You’ll need a thicker one, you might find cheap ones in Myeongdong btw, I got mine for only 5,000 won!)
  • Covered shoes or boots (slip & waterproof) – especially when it’s snowing
  • Winter leggings – with fur / fleece lined – Get a couple from E-mart if you’re in Korea. It’s thin, cheap & really keeps me warm compare to the so called heat tech from Uniqlo
  • Loose jeans with fleece lined leggings inside – DON’T wear tight jeans, because the cold outer surface will make the cold worse!
  • Wool socks (3 pcs) – You’ll need it, trust me
  • Scarf / mask – Need to cover your nose when temperature is below -10’c, the dry air will make your nose hurt
  • Ear muffs – If you don’t have a hoodie on your coat
  • Gloves – Preferably leather, blocks the icy wind
  • Face moisturizer
  • Body lotion – This is a MUST!!
  • Lip balm – This is also a MUST!! If you didn’t bring, you can get it at Daiso (cheaper) or convenient stores
Dec 2014 – Inner layers (1 cotton long sleeve, 1 wool long sleeve, 1 knitted sweater)

kakaotalk_20161009_235900016 kakaotalk_20161009_235901180 kakaotalk_20161009_235904556

[Click for bigger image] Above is my humble winter coat.



Side pockets are most important since they are your hands saviour. It should be comfortable when you rest your hands in and I’m sure you don’t want your arms to feel “uncomfy” the whole day right?

For me, it’s below waist length due to my long arms. And you also wanna make sure the inside cloth can keep your hands warm (not necessarily heat tech, but at least not something that can get cold).

Osaka autumn. Brought the wrong coat so I was taking on and off. This coat is strictly for winter. And yes, I wore Dr. Martin (fake) shoes on winter. It’s waterproof + blocks the wind. Click for bigger picture.
That’s a frozen Han River behind!
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Winter at Nami Island

This was my third time visiting the tourist-packed Nami Island, which is well known for its wintry white scenery! If you were to read my previous blog post, I have already been there twice during autumn, and it’s definitely a very huge difference when most of the trees became leave-less and everything became white.

Being a guide during this trip, my family were asking me why have I not bring them to Nami Island. But little did they know, I was waiting for the correct time and moment. What would it be? A snowfall, of course!


Although weather forecast are quite accurate 2 or 3 days before the actual day, but a snowfall can be very much unpredictable, it could just snow out of a sudden or not! You’d never know! After confirming that it will snow, I made the plan to visit the island the next day and it snowed the whole day. Definitely worth a little wait.

To be honest, it’s my first time being a guide, although they are my family, I am still afraid that I will get lost somewhere. Anyhow, they easiest way to reach the island on your own is always the ITX train. Once again, we bought the tickets from Cheonnyangni Station (adult 4,000 won / child 2,000 won) and board the train to Gapyeong.

Camera 360
Follow platform 1 or 2 if you are heading to Gapyeong.


Just select the number of persons, time, station that you will be going to (for Nami Island, it will be Gapyeong station) and pay the total amount that will be shown on the screen. Remember to “tap out” your T-money if you’ve used it to head to Cheongnyanni or Yongsan station (machine just beside the ticket vending machine).

It was already snowing at the time we arrived Gapyeong Station. Since I was from a tropical country with just only 1 season throughout the year, it was quite exciting to see snow piling up on the ground.

However, it feels like I was forcing myself out of the station. Stepping out from there is like heading into a giant freezer, it was terribly cold. I have 4 long sleeved layers on me (1 cotton shirt, 1 light wool shirt, 1 knitted sweater and the winter coat), but after getting used to the cold, it feels much better except for my hands which almost turned numb.

DON’T even wear winter leggings in this kinda weather, unless you have a layer of heat tech on the inside, else you won’t be able to enjoy your winter sonata experience when you’re busy keeping yourself warm.



We caught a taxi outside of Gapyeong station, which supposedly only cost 3,000 won, but the driver charged us extra 200 won. A new lesson learnt, always check the taxi meter when you get on.

Upon arriving the jetty, the sight that greeted us looks cold and freezy yet it was breathtaking, it was so cold that most of the water became frozen. I felt that my pictures did not do justice to that beautiful place.





The lonely panda waiting for a train that would never come.



Snow fall became more intense and most places became white in a short while. It was rather irritating to me since I was carrying my cameras and stuffs. And since it’s my first winter experience, I didn’t know that I would need something to cover up my camera (I thought snow wouldn’t melt that easily!).

Maybe I should carry an umbrella? Nope, imagine holding a DSLR in your hands when you need to focus your lens while holding the umbrella.

Second lesson learnt.




During the cold seasons, people flock to this stall that sells steamed red bean bun. It only cost 1,000 won each and when you have it in your hands, especially in the winter, it just feels so warm and nice! Imagine your freezing numbed hands have something hot to hold on to. Not only that, it taste good too!

A stall selling hot steamed bun..



As I have said earlier, everything just looks different when the place is blooming with colors and when it was covered totally in white. Here are some pictures taken during my trip in the autumn and some during in the winter. You be the judge and say which one looks better. As for me, I would say both have its own charm.






And here are few more pictures taken during this trip..



This fire pit is heaven!
Failed snowman attempt.

Do you know there is one cute little restaurant selling lunch boxes on Nami Island? If you have yet to try the food here, I’d highly recommend you to this place. They called it fried rice, but I would rather call it “shake-it-to-mix-it-rice”. Put on the glove and start shaking the lunch box until everything is all well mixed up, and bon apetite!






While having lunch break with my family, we updated our own personal social network accounts using the rented wifi device from Wifi-Korea. Strong signal even in Nami Island, just spot the middle icon to believe. And that was how I made my friends jealous of the sights I was looking at that moment while they were sweating at their end. It’s Malaysia!


At the end of the day, see how much snow had fallen during that few hours! Here’s a before and after shot basically at the same spot, just from a different angle.



And last but not least, our family portrait..


Have you been to Nami Island before, and when was that? I would definitely want to visit again during Spring and Summer too.

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My Autumn-Sonata in Nami Island

When Winter Sonata became a hit and people start noticing about Nami Island (南怡岛), I had to admit that I have yet to watch this drama, up until today. Nevertheless, being someone crazy about Korea, the words came to my ears pretty quickly. Yes, I have been to Nami Island twice, though not in the winter. Back in the year 2012 and 2013, during the same season in the Autumn, we find our way to the island by ITX train and taxi. It might sound difficult and troublesome to transit and catch a taxi, but never let these fool you. In my opinion, it’s probably the easiest place to visit out of Seoul on your own.

We woke up early that day, puffed eyes and drowsiness swarm in without hesitation. We took a subway to Cheongnyanni station and transit to ITX. Hoping to catch the first train to Nami, yet we were slightly too late, so, we bought the tickets for the next train that leaves at 8am plus.

Note to readers: Follow the ITX sign when you leave the subway train (see the walls for the signs if you couldn’t find it on the top), it will somehow lead you to the entrance for ITX, buy your tickets from the vending machine, if you aren’t really sure, you can always ask the staff whom basically stationed right beside it.

Ticket to Nami cannot be bought using T-money. You need to tap out if you’re using T-money on Seoul subway when transiting to ITX line (there’s a device beside the ITX ticket vending machine to tap out).

Camera 360 Camera 360 The train usually waits around for 15 minutes before departing right on time, not a minute late. Therefore, do your business before it arrives or you can do it on board as well. You don’t wanna miss the train you know. DSC_1124 Camera 360 Camera 360 It was a pleasant autumn morning, our eyes were drawn towards the soothing sceneries outside, running passed us, until we saw the ahjummas beside us and their seats were facing each other. We tried to look for the leveler to turn our seats around, but failed. But the ahjummas were kind enough to help us turn the seats. We thanked them and continue chowing down the snacks we bought earlier while chit-chatting throughout the way.

It felt like my fingers aren’t mine anymore, I can barely move it and when I did, it hurts so bad.

Journey took around 45 minutes before we set foot at Gapyeong station. We caught a taxi to the jetty, cost about 3,000 won as listed on the fee table that the driver showed us. I think it’s rather cheap, and also safe from being charged unfairly. DSC_1546 As usual, packed with tourists, we bought our admission tickets (8,000 won for foreigners, remember to carry your passports or ARC), hit the ferry and arrived at Nami island. It was slightly colder than it was in Seoul, so do bring gloves and wear a little more layer if you plan to visit this place on Autumn or Winter. My first experience taught me the lesson since there are not many, more like no information about this. It felt like my fingers aren’t mine anymore, I can barely move it and when I did, it hurt so bad. Can’t be happy enough that they are functioning well right now. Camera 360 wpid-dsc_1760_1.jpg Pine trees and maple trees lined neatly along the sidewalks, though not as yellowish red as the first time, but the greenish trees still carries a different aura and beauty to the whole surrounding. It has a fresher ambiance than when they changed colours. A more back-to-nature-feel. wpid-dsc_1407.jpg wpid-dsc_1384_1.jpg wpid-dsc_1332_1.jpg If you wish to see the fiery red leaves, I recommend you to go around end of October to early of November. Any earlier than that you might only see green and yellowish leaves. Trust me, since I have experienced it before, one week could make a huge difference. wpid-dsc_1872-1_1.jpg wpid-dsc_1836_1.jpg My less favorable tree, the Gingko. In my previous post, I slightly mention that it carries an awful smell. Maybe it’s just my nose being too sensitive or the scent just irritates me, but they smell like poop when the fruit is crushed! You didn’t read it wrong, it’s poop smell that makes you have to take a peek at your sole. DSC_1860 Camera 360 I can practically spend my days on this tiny island although there isn’t much here, but the serenity, calmness and everlasting beauty of this whole place makes me doesn’t want to leave forever. wpid-dsc_1459.jpg wpid-dsc_1356_1.jpg DSC_1288 wpid-dsc_1312.jpg Camera 360 DSC_1751 DSC_1556

Spotted this lovely sky colour

As a bonus, can you guess what this lady was selling? DSC_1261

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What Autumn looks like in Seoul

Growing up in Malaysia gave me no chance to see other seasons in this country, only summer throughout the years. No cherry blossoms, no reddish leaves, nor any white Christmas.

Fall foliage, some called it. Better known as Autumn.

It’s finally past summer in Seoul, tree leaves turning reddish yellow, rain clouds cleared off revealing the clear blue sky, leaving the gloomy weather behind.

Fall foliage, some called it. Better known as Autumn. But I would rather refer it as the season of the smelly seeds.

In Korea, Autumn starts around mid – late September to mid November. Recommend to go around late October to Early November when the foliage are at their peak, especially Nami Island.

Since young, I’ve always wondered how autumn looks like? Never for once I would not be envied by someone taking pictures of the fallen red maple leaves, or wallpapers of trees lined along the sidewalks creating an awfully calm sight to look at.



No doubt, my dream came true. Two years ago I experienced my first fall foliage, in Seoul. That’s probably one of the reason why I fell so crazily in love with this country. Deep beautiful autumn hues imprinted into my mind. They made me gasp in awe. Yes, it’s my very first autumn that I get to see in person and I’m really glad that Seoul had offered more than what we expected. Trying so hard to confine the constant “wow” and more “wow” which were struggling to escape from my mouth, I knew from then on that I would never forget how stunning the views are at Seoraksan and Nami Island.



Too sad to be true, there are always flaws no matter how beautiful something is. I remember when we came out of the bus, the first smell that hit our nose was the poop-like smell. Of course, we checked our soles making sure we didn’t stepped on any poo until later, only that we knew it was from the Gingko. I personally think it would make a great prank tool.




Where are you from and have you experienced fall foliage? How does Autumn looks like in your country? I would definitely be happy to see them.




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