Korean Malaysian Marriage Registration in Korea

I think I was gone for quite some time, and I brought back some good news, I’m legally married in Korea, as well as in Malaysia!

Thanks to my dear hubby doing all the work (felt sorry even more), though there were some hassle, but everything had went well & pretty much smooth. We chose to register our marriage in Korea first before flying home to Malaysia to register for the Malaysian side, and couldn’t find much detailed procedures about it online.

Firstly, you will need to get the Certificate of Marriage Status (Single Status Cert) from JPN Putrajaya, you can visit this blog post instead as the procedure is same except that it’s NOT NECESSARY to get it notarized by the Malaysia embassy in Korea.

And as for the translation of the cert, my hubby just did the translation & we submitted all documents to the gu office.

-Documents needed for submission in JPN Putrajaya:
1. Your MyKad (or ID card)
2. Your other half’s passport detail (photocopy the detail page)

Check the details of the cert upon receiving it!


-Documents needed for the gu office to officially register your marriage in Korea:
1. Your passport (bring a copy of your passport)
2. Your other half’s ID card
3. Marriage Status Cert original & translated version
4. Marriage application form 혼인신고서, available in the gu office

p/s: You won’t need any witnesses for the registration. But Koreans should get their parents to stamp on the application form. 


What happens next? Wait for 3 days and congratulations! You’re officially married in Korea & you can find your name in your husband’s family registry (가족관계증명서)!


*In the mean time, you might want to apply for the Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC) online as some people said it may take some time, however, please note that the CGC only valid for 3 months. My CGC was done in 2 weeks and I opt for them to send by post.

CGC is for F-6 visa application.

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