Red Crab Feast @ 속초 진숙이네 붉은대게

So, 속초 진숙이네 붉은대게 read as “Sokcho Jin Sook-i Ne Buk-eun Dae Ge”. Koreans are really bad at coming up with names.

Sokcho is a place located at the Northern part of Korea. But, don’t worry, you won’t be going there for this. This restaurant is actually pretty much located in Seoul, just slightly further from the city center.

For your information, it was only opened in August 2016, yep, it’s just barely a month. And every time I walk pass in the evening, it’s always packed with people.

I don’t think I have said this before, but I don’t quite fancy seafood. Though, I do enjoy eating crabs. If anyone would love to buy me a crab meal, I’d totally be happy to get out of my cozy little blanket to meet you! Haha!

Ok, back to the topic. I’m not sure if this is an opening promotion, or if it’s a fixed menu, because the set menu was considerably cheap. There, there, another reason for me to eat.

We arrived around 7pm, forgetting that it’s usually packed at this hour, unfortunately (or not) it was full.

We can either choose to wait (an hour), or they could prepare a table for us on the outside. But we prefer to be seated indoor. It’s mid autumn now if you are wondering.

And so, we got a call from the restaurant staff not too long later (more like 5 minutes later) informing us that we have a place to dine. Now I’m fully pumped up!

In Korea, when the restaurant is full, you can leave your contact number for them to contact you when seats are available!

The must take “waiting” picture, with a toothache.

Our order were taken during the call, so it didn’t take long for these 2 dishes to came out, hong gye twi gim (fried crab) and hong gye tang (crab soup), along with some banchan (side dishes).

I have to mention that I went to Sokcho not very long ago and the friend crab here was way much better compared to the one there. Maybe that one was already cold which could make a huge difference to crab meat. The crab meat here was thicker, even the texture was smoother.

As for the soup, it somehow tastes like doenjang jjigae (soy bean stew) but with a crabbie after taste.

And here’s our main dish! I hope you feel hungry now! We ordered the 2 person set menu that consists of 3 crabs. For this feast-like meal, it only costs 39,000 won. They also have a set for 3, 4 & 5 person, 59,000 won and 79,000 won respectively.

Because the crabs were steamed without any flavoring, thus you can instantly taste the natural sweetness oozing out  when taking a bite. It was a juice oozing bomb!

Aside from the crabs, what was rare is that this restaurant served pork and quill egg banchan too. Though I didn’t really enjoy the pork but I technically ate 4 out of 5 the quill eggs. Best banchan ever.

1, 2, 3, 4…. 18? 24?

For me, the body part was the best. The reason? It has the ever plentiful of juice.

Also served along with the crabs, was the rice. Don’t ask me what it’s called. For those who are not used to eating the top shell part like me, the rice may somehow taste weird, but it would go away immediately thanks to the seaweed. Despite that, it was actually good.

Those eyes looked intimidating.

And… the super duper spicy ramyeon! We didn’t know it was THAT spicy until we started eating. My lips and tongue were basically swollen. T.T

The next table’s fault

One last silly picture of me before I end this post.

Location: Miasageori Station (Line 4), Exit 1. You will see Lotte Department Store once exit, go across the road and walk straight until you see the restaurant on your left. See map below.


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