Wifi Korea Everywhere Speed Pack Review (评介)

I was quite satisfied with the service of Wifi-Korea on my previous trip, therefore, I chose to use their service again. Me and my family stayed for 10 days this time, so I have opted for Everywhere Speed Pack pocket wifi which cost only USD 3.99 per day and it covers ALL places in Korea. (If you’re wondering, no, Seoul doesn’t have free wifi throughout the city, only very few places have)

You may select to pick up at their office at no extra cost, or pay USD $5 (each way) to enjoy the hassle free delivery service to your Korea accommodation doorstep.
Note that delivery service is only available if you book it at least 2 days in advance before your arrival.

You don’t need to provide passport details like some required, instead you only need to fill in this form and you’re done reserving the device. Rather than picking up at the airport like before, I visited them at their office, chose to pay the deposit by cash (100,000 won) and got the device on the spot!

Little cozy office, friendly staffs, it feels like meeting up with an old friend at their home. Oh, did I tell you the guys are good looking too? kkkkk.. Don’t worry about language barriers, I can assure you that they are FLUENT in English.

Located in Insadong, right across from the huge calligraphy brush sculpture, just come out from Anguk station, Exit 6 and walk straight for around 200 meter, you will see Bread & Co bakery, and look up! Spot their office on the 3rd floor!


Arrangement slightly changed (updated on Mar’15)

So what is in the bag?


  • Instruction manual
  • A Pocket Wi-Fi egg (ESP wifi router is in red, or dark blue)
  • Charger
  • An instruction card about having all auto-updates off, so that you wouldn’t go over the limit
  • Another instruction card on installing Eco Gate to check your data usage

I’m glad that I chose ESP pack! It is definitely the best choice that a blogger and social-network-in-need person like me have made. Besides, I wasn’t staying together with my family. Of course, a mom would always say the same thing to their kids, contact me once you reach the house! Yes m’am. This is how I stayed connected with them whenever I drop them off at their hotel and go my own way.

Signal and coverage

Running on LTE network, there’s no need to doubt its speed, and signal was great everywhere. This includes the place I stayed at, Eunpyeong-gu. As compared to the Urban Data Pack which I used in the previous trip, the signal there was very weak, but ESP gives me great coverage all day long. I even took it on a trip to the popular Nami Island and I could easily connect to my social network accounts without any disruption.

Battery Life

To charge it, plug it in to a power outlet using the adaptor provided.

My ESP router battery lasted more than 10 hours, which somehow surprised me as I had a not so good experience with the battery life on my Urban Data Pack router. I leave it on throughout the day, even on a cold snowy day in Nami Island, I thought it would had died off when I return to Seoul that evening, however, it was still on although the power level has dropped.

Dosirak lunch box at Nami Island while updating my social network accounts.


Chilling nearby Gyeongbokgung Palace.

What about the size?

Same size as Urban Data Pack router, a palm’s size.  Being a guide to my family, I needed a map to navigate to the place I was going, no doubt that I need to depend on wifi. I’m glad that the router isn’t a bulky one where I could easily chuck it into my bag or pockets and carry it everywhere I go.

This is UDP version, ESP router is in red / dark blue.


During my 9 days of using the pocket wifi, not once I am anywhere near the 500MB limit (per day), even with my mom and sis connected to it at the same time, and a heavy user of Facebook, Katalk and Whatsapp messenger, with an average usage of navigation map, I have not hit the limit. Just keep in mind to turn off ALL auto updates to prevent from exceeding the limit!

Comparison between Urban Data Pack and Everywhere Speed Pack

Urban Data Pack

Everywhere Speed Pack

Network Wibro 4G LTE
Data Limit Unlimited 700MB (more than enough)
Coverage Limited to urban areas only Anywhere in Korea
Battery Life Around 6 ~ 8 hours Around 10 ~ 12 hours
Size Palm / pocket size Palm / pocket size
Weight 75 g 105 g
Price USD 2.99 per day USD 3.99 per day

*ESP was upgraded from 500MB to 700MB few months back. UDP from 2GB to Unilimited.

Do you want DISCOUNT?

I recently visited Wifi-Korea to say Hi! and have a small chat with the guys, and guess what? They told me to share a good deal with my readers!

Everyone can get 10% discount off if they rent it through this link! Just fill in this online reservation form! But in return, can I ask a favor from you to select “Elley Jin” from the referred by column (as shown in picture below) when you make a reservation? Please?


My thoughts on using ESP 


  • Pocket size
  • Stay connected at just any place with incredible internet speed
  • Easy to locate office in the heart of Insadong
  • Great customer service.

Not so good:

The only bad experience I had was some authentication problems where  I couldn’t connect to the router even though my ID and password are correct. But this problem only lasted for a while, it was alright later on.

Again, I would definitely recommend Wifi-Korea to my friends and family. If you were to ask for my advice, I would recommend you to go for Everyday Speed Pack as it gives you full coverage throughout Korea and battery life lasted longer, you won’t need to worry about being disconnected anywhere you go!

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  1. Hello,

    I am planning to stay in Seoul for about 2 months and I was wondering which pack you would recommend to me. I will be using KakaoTalk, Maps, Naver, and sometimes Facebook. I might go out of Seoul to visit my relatives, but I really don’t need any internet there since I will be spending time with them.

    Thank you!

    1. I definitely will go for Everywhere Speed Pack though since it covers all of korea and you will need the coverage if you require a map on the go, especially if you were to go out of Seoul as there might be more language barriers compare to Seoul. You will also want to rent the monthly package since it’s cheaper as you will be needing it for 2 months.. 🙂

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