Double flavor drink.



You’ve probably tried or heard of sweet and sour rice or sweet and sour fish, but have you come across with a sweet and sour drink?

Not too long ago, or maybe a year ago, I saw a post about this unique little drink. 1 bottle, 2 flavors, unmixed. I thought it was really cute and decided to hunt for it in the convenience shops. Seriously, I’m not sure how do they drink this, is it 1 flavor at a time, or 2 at the same time? Or is this designed specially for couples? What do you think?

The grape juice was good, it was sweet and a faint scent of grape fills your mouth upon taking a sip. Maybe I’m quite a fan of grape flavored food and beverage, so I really liked it.

While the grape flavored juice is indeed delicious, orange was slightly strong but sour. My eye twitched a couple of times from the sourness, maybe not my favorite. Note to you, drink it cold for better taste.

Although half of it wasn’t very pleasing to my taste buds, but I’m eagerly waiting for another chance to try it again.

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