Lovable Seoul – N Seoul Tower

Just like most of the popular tourists site, N Seoul Tower was totally packed with humans, making it difficult to even take a picture of the beautiful sunset nor the lovely walls of padlocks surrounding the Roof Terrace in N Plaza.

This attraction is believed to symbolize the eternal love therefore Korean couples who came here would have a padlock hung to the fences with names and wishes written on it.

Landmark of Seoul, N Seoul Tower is located at Namsan Mountain. It was open to public in the year 1980 and stands at 236.7 m (777 ft) in height. A favorite spot for couples, tourists and the locals, making it the number 1 attraction by foreigners. Many popular K-drama has been filmed here including “Flower Boys” and the latest craze “You who came from the stars” which successfully charmed many fans across the world.


There are shuttle buses which will drop you off at the foot of the tower and you will continue going up by feet, or you could take a cable car to reach the top directly. From the mountain scenery to the sights of the city, definitely keep your eyes busy all the way up.


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