Hongdae Free Market or Flea Market?

Free Market or Flea Market?

This struck my mind when I was searching for more info about Hongdae for the first time. So, the fact is, it’s actually called “Hongdae Free Market” and not Flea Market. The booths selling handmade products by mostly university students, are arranged in a way like those in a flea market and held during every Saturday throughout March ~ November ever since year 2002.


Hongdae, which is well known for it’s artistic side, as well as a night club heaven in Seoul. The name derived from a famous arts school Hongik University (Hongik Dae hak-gyo), short name of Hong-Dae.

Each item displayed at the stalls representing the creativity of the seller, unique and one-of-a-kind. Not only they sell pouches, bags, clothing, shoes, handmade toys, and key rings, there are booths which sell the live drawing of your portraits as well.

Since it is held on a Saturday, crazy huge crowds will be expected, where walking eventually became a squeezing through “war” just to pass a spot. “It’s now or never”, either you squeeze through first or you will have to wait until you had the chance to escape that area.



To get there

Take Line 2 (Green line), get off at Hongik University station, and follow the map below.


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    1. It’s indeed challenging getting squeeze around when you are standing looking at things.. But definitely worth a visit.. Oh, and the free market starts around 2pm Korean time, of course you can visit there earlier to see the park too! 🙂

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